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Star of the Week

Angie Rassam

Angie Working on a Patient

America represents the land of opportunity; a place where dreamers and visionaries thrive and succeed. Angie Rassam is a first generation American who has chosen to pursue her dreams. Her story started just before she was born in 1980, when her parents decided to risk everything and move to America. Angie’s mother, Hala, was pregnant with her first daughter when she made the tough decision to move from Iraq to a land of opportunity and freedom, leaving her whole family behind. As her plane landed in Detroit, Michigan, Hala paved the way for Angie to prosper in America.Click Here To Read Full Article about Angie Rassam. . .

Wes Shaver

Wes Shaver

Wes Shaver is the Director of Entertainment at Mi-Key’s Skylight room in downtown Milwaukee, and our Star of the Week! His job is to provide fresh and innovative entertainment five nights a week at Milwaukee’s newest professional entertainment venue. As an acclaimed comedian, Wes admits that entertaining audiences 260 nights a year presents a decent amount of pressure to perform. Can you imagine being responsible for the enjoyment of hundreds of restaurant guests plus multiple talent managers that change on a nightly basis? Fortunately for Wes, his stand-up routines have become second nature after spending his lifetime performing in front of a variety of audiences.

In his recent interview with Star Winar Magazine, Wes explained why he’s passionate about making people laugh, “Laughter is important! It’s all too easy to get caught up in the hardships of life, yet I find the best jokes actually take place in the most serious situations; the trick is pulling out the honesty and sincerity of that situation.  I feel everyone should enjoy the freedom of not taking themselves too seriously.” Wes doesn’t take himself too seriously – he uses his stage time to poke fun at himself, “When I started in show business I had absolutely nothing. So far, I’ve kept just about all of it.”  Click Here To Read Full Article about Wes Shaver. . .

Elisabeth Brunk

Elisabeth Brunk

Elisabeth Brunk wears a smile as brilliant as the Lone Star of Texas, although she lives in Cincinnati, where she teaches students at an inner-city campus. Working in this school has allowed Elisabeth to be more than a teacher; she is also a motherly role model and friend to students in her third-grade class. For nine months per year, Elisabeth views her calling as one that “molds young students to achieve the best possible version of themselves.” By approaching her job this way, Elisabeth is able to make an impact on the students’ lives. “It’s my aim to give them the confidence to realize they’re priceless, precious and worth so very much,” Elisabeth added in a recent interview with STAR WINAR Magazine.

During her conversation with STAR WINAR, Elisabeth recounts one of her most rewarding memories as a teacher. She tells us of when she was reading Little House on the Praire to her class, one of her childhood favorites, and a boy began to cry . . Click to Continue to Full Article

Bethany Ferguson

Bethany Ferguson

Our first ever Star of the Week is from Austin, Texas.Her name is Bethany Ferguson. By day, she works as a project manager for Jauregui Homes, but after hoursyou will find her making a difference in her community. Bethany has chosen to serve the Austin community through her involvement in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), and as an organizer for Mobile Loaves and Fishes, where she leads a team to distribute food and clothing to the area homelesspopulation. In addition, she is currently organizing a gala in March for Any Baby Can. Click to Continue to Full Article

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