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Flower Pot

The long time CEO of a large company pulled all of his executives into the conference room and told them he would be retiring within the next year.  He said he wanted one of the executives in the room to take his place and that there would be a competition to decide who it will be.  He pulled out 11 planting pots full of soil and put one in front of each executive.

“Inside each pot is soil and one seed.  The challenge is for you to care for it and grow it for the next three months,” the CEO explained.  “Who ever has the healthiest and tallest plant at the end of the time will take my place as CEO of the company I started 40 years ago.  I wish all of you luck!”  With a smile on his face he walked out of the room and all the executives were excited about winning the competition.

For the next few weeks everyone was talking about their plant and how it was growing.  They would stand around the water cooler and boast about who was going to win.  Dan was one of the executives and two weeks had gone by and nothing had sprouted.  He would go home and water the plant and would share with his wife how discouraged he was that nothing was growing.  Two more weeks and Dan still had nothing!

The end of the time came and all the executives brought their plants into the conference room.  They all had beautiful flowers.  They had all grown tall and healthy.  All different colors and all different kinds.  The CEO came in the room with a booming smile on his face.  Looking at the flowers and smelling each one.  Patting each executive on the back for the work well done!

Dan sat in the corner.  He still had nothing and was completely embarrassed at this moment in his life.  The CEO picked out the tallest and healthiest plant.  Then he looked over at Dan.  “Dan, where is your pot?” asked the CEO.  He took it from underneath the table and slid it on top of the table.  It was just a pot with some soil in it.  Nothing had grown.

The CEO stared at it with a grim look on his face.

“Sir, I watered it!  I put it in the sun!” Dan explained.

The CEO walked around to Dan and put his arm around his shoulder.  The CEO said, “Dan is our new  CEO!  You see, I gave everyone pots with only dirt in them.  You were probably all wondering why nothing was growing and you planted your own seeds.  Dan was the only honest one here and was the only one who followed the rules!  Dan you are the new CEO and you might want to figure out what you want to do with all of your new executives!”

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