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You probably know Kenneth Cole for his extensive line of shoes. Though shoes are his biggest draw, his company Kenneth ColeProductions also produces collections of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Have you ever wondered why its ‘Productions’ and not ‘Incorporated’?  Well here is the reason why and the single most important reason why he succeeded.

Kenneth Cole was broke after spending all his money making shoes.  He wanted to purchase a showcase at the New York’s Market Week at the Hilton Hotel. Since he was broke he was unable to afford a room and he became discouraged that he wouldn’t be able to launch his business.

The story doesn’t stop there because he didn’t give up.  He found a loop hole in New York City’s Parking Permits.  He learned he could buy a permit for a tractor trailer if he was running a film production.  So that’s just what he did!  With permit for “The Birth of a Shoe Company” in hand, Cole filmed the entire two and a half day event in front of the Hilton Hotel, during which he sold a mind-boggling 40,000 pair of shoes.

He changed his name from Kenneth Cole Incorporated to Kenneth Cole Productions and the name that still exists today.  So when you hit a wall just find a way over it.

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