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Have you ever wondered if what you were doing with your life is actually what your supposed to be doing?  One person that asked himself that same question is playing in the Super Bowl today.  Drew Brees, the quarterback for the New Orleans


Saints, was one of the most celebrated high school quarterbacks in Texas, a state that celebrates high school quarterbacks more than their own children’s birthdays. But Brees blew off the University of Texas to head north to Purdue, where he set just about every school record for passing. He took the Boilermakers to their first Rose Bowl in over three decades, and was named the Academic All-American of the year.

But in the NFL, Brees struggled his first three seasons. That is three years of wondering, am I supposed to be doing this? Three years of of wondering if you were just supposed to be a college phenom.  It’s more than a bad week at work it’s three years of thinking maybe your dream isn’t supposed to come true after all.  But he didn’t give up he persevered. Soon after he finally found his rhythm, he also found a new city to play in: New Orleans, which had been ravished by Hurricane Katrina the year before. The Saints’ home, the Superdome, had become the very symbol of the disaster. The owners were considering moving the team for good.

When Brees arrived in the little city of New Orleans he did the impossible and led the Saints to the Super Bowl.  With a solid head on his shoulders Drew has spent his money and his time creating his own foundation, which restores schools, parks and playgrounds, in a city desperate for all three. A recent Sports Illustrated cover story said Brees was “as adored and appreciated as any [athlete] in an American city today.”

Today, Drew Brees looks to win his first Super Bowl and a guy who is worth cheering for.

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  1. Jim Winar permalink
    February 7, 2010 10:06 pm

    Great story, great pick and great ending. Nice! dad

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