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Dr. Martin CooperHave you ever wondered who made the first cell phone call?  Well you don’t have to wonder anymore.  His name is Dr Martin Cooper.  He actually is one of the inventors of the first cell phone.  What is even more interesting as a bit of trivia, he is the first person EVER to make a phone call on a portable device.  STAR WINAR asked Dr. Cooper who the call was made to and he said, “To a friend and colleague Dr. Joel Engal.”

It amazing to think that just 15 years ago cell phone’s were a rare commodity and now cell phone’s are a necessity.  Now that you know who invented the cell phone and who made the first call here is a brief background on the piece of technology that has changed all of our lives.

1973 – Dr Martin Cooper, is considered the inventor of the first portable handset. Dr. Cooper, former general manager for the systems division at Motorola, and the first person to make a call on a portable cellular phone.

1977 – Cell phones go public. Public cell phone testing began. The city of Chicago was where the first trials began with 2000 customers, and eventually other cell phone trials appeared in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area. Japan began testing cellular phone service in 1979.  Only 23 conversations were allowed to go on simotaniously according to the FCC rules for any geographic region of 5 miles.

2010 there are more than 60 million customers with cellular phones, even though wireless service was just invented nearly 50 years ago. The cellular business was a $3 million market 25 years ago and has grown increasingly to close to a $30 billion per year industry.

Dr. Cooper is still working on inventions as the CEO of ArrayComm where he coined the term Cooper’s Law.  This law states that every 30 months the amount of information that can be transmitted over a given amount of radio spectrum doubles. He states that this law has held true since 1897 when Marconi first patented the wireless telegraph.

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