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And Dress Well

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, STAR WINAR, thought it would be appropriate to make a simple post regarding, gentleman.  Ladies, we hope this post makes your decision easier, as you sift through all of your invites and try to decide who to go out with on that special night.  And for those men who already have secured their date’s for that special night – take heed at the following list.  And remember ‘a true gentleman never go out of style.’  So this Valentine’s Day take some notes on these simple steps to act like a gentleman and use them for the rest of your life:

Don’t flaunt your riches – Nobody likes a braggart. Keep your assets vague if you have to discuss financial matters. You can wear expensive things without blowing your own trumpet.

Never let others see you looking at your watch – When you’re amid company, ask for the time or look at your watch only if you’re ready to leave right that instant. When others notice you glancing at the time, it can be interpreted as boredom. Be inconspicuous.

Be punctual – Perhaps the greatest sign of respect, which is what a gentleman is all about, is being on time. Having people wait for you is the equivalent of telling them that you don’t care about them.

Shake hands firmly – Your handshake should mirror your personality. You want the other person to think of you as someone resolved, concrete and positive. But it shouldn’t be a test of your strength; don’t hurt them. Your grip should be the same for women.

Apply constant verbal grace – Use “excuse me” or “I beg your pardon” for all occasions. An extension of politeness, you should always use these expressions, whether it’s to get someone to move out of your way, to apologize for your upcoming journey to the men’s room, or simply to signal your interlocutors that you’re about to start a sentence.

Tip well and discreetly – Only tip when it’s called for, as opposed to those occasions when it’s simply awkward (i.e. hospital nurses or business messenger). When you do tip, don’t be cheap. Respect the 15% gratuity for restaurant tabs and nothing less than $10 for a significantly useful maitre d’.

Project high moral values – Even if you know that deep down you’re not, appear as if you were virtuous. A real gentleman always comes out of everything smelling like a rose.

Acknowledge your acquaintances – Don’t play hide & seek with the people you know, even if you don’t feel like talking to them. Bite the bullet, initiate the mandatory greetings, and get it over with.

Address new acquaintances by their title and last name – Doctor and military ranks are important to the people who have these titles. Mr. and Mrs. should be used for the others (if you’re unsure about a woman’s marital status, use Ms. when addressing her). Wait until they ask you to use their first name before doing so.

Look at your interlocutor – Your attention should always be focused on the person you are talking with.  Always look at them when listening as well as when you are in control of the conversation. Again, it’s a question of respect.

At dinner, address those on your left and right – Don’t shout across the table — concentrate on those closest to you. This will keep the proceedings calm and orderly.

Never remove coat or necktie when in company – By keeping your clothes on, you show that you consider the other guests important enough for you to remain fashionably tip-top.

Only talk when you’ve been formally introduced – Which is why the phrases “Have we met?” or “Have we been introduced?” are so handy. If you feel like speaking to somebody, find a person the two of you have in common and arrange a proper introduction.

Remove the cigar from your lips if a lady passes by –This one is pure common sense. It’s a security measure as well as an indicator of high regard.

Offer your seat to women – Classics are always fashionable. Some feminists would certainly have a fit, but most women will definitely value the gesture.

Always carry a woman’s packages – Let’s face it; today’s women would probably shoot you a puzzled fleeting look, so at least offer to do so. This lets her know you respect her and are courteous enough to inquire as to her comfort.

Most importantly – don’t do anything on Valentine’s Day that would not make your mother proud or cause your grandmother to blush.

Remember that behaving like a gentleman brings out the lady in every woman.  And remember to have fun.  We wish you well from STAR WINAR MAGAZINE this Valentine’s day where the women are beautiful, the men are strong, and the kids are above average.

(exceprts taken from articles relating to being a gentleman.

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