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Robby Jones (Pilot House Coffee)

One day Steven was driving in downtown Austin when he saw a guy on a scooter listening to some music with about 12 bags of coffee in a basket.  Steven rolled down his window to ask this guy what he was up to and the guy replied, “Delivering coffee to my customers.” His name is  Robby Jones, owns Pilot House Coffee, and drives a scooter not a car.  He dropped out of the Naval Academy because he had a bigger dream in mind.  He makes a living selling his own freshly-brewed coffee.  The namesake for his coffee company, Pilot House Coffee, refers to a part of a ship, because one night during a storm that nearly ship wrecked him and his crew, his life changed forever while sitting in the pilot house.  He lives life with a smile on his face because every day he wakes up knowing that he is  turning his dream into reality.

Robby JonesMy story is pretty simple,  “I love coffee and  I sell what I love.” He laughed to himself and told us he knows that he has more of a story but we wanted to know how he does it.  “I suppose I consider myself an entertainer.  Everyone loves a good show. My show is my scooter running full throttle to your house so you can hear me coming.  Your guests wonder who just pulled up in your driveway and you tell them that he’s your coffee guy. I hit the brakes lunging me forward a little bit.  I jump off with enthusiasm because I am about to bring my customer a product that will bring them alive in the morning.  They start every single day with my product.  Usually, the first smell they have in the morning is scent of my product! I knock on the front door with authority, smiling because I know the coffee I am about to deliver will make the customer’s day a little more special.

People see me cruising around Austin on my scooter.  I wave to my customers.  I see them at football games, out for dinner, or just walking their dog.  I didn’t find the cure for cancer, but I do have a bit of cure for a moment.  It’s that connection in movies.  The point where the music kicks in and the boy embraces the girl; the best part about it is I experience that feeling everyday.  In fact,  one time I drove all the way to Chicago for one of my customers to his girlfriends house who I used to deliver for before she moved.  In that bag of coffee was the engagement ring.  It was unbelievable.  Ok so that last story wasn’t true but you have that feeling, right now, I get everyday!

He wiped his brow with a bandana from his back pocket.  He leaned in and spoke softly to us, “Can I really tell you why I jump off my scooter?”

We nodded waiting for his story.  “Oliver Wendell Homes said,  “The biggest tragedy in America is not the great waste of natural resources, though this is tragic.  The biggest tragedy is the waste of human resources. The average person goes to his grave with his music still in him.” Homes was saying that the most beautiful melodies of all are the ones that never reach the listeners’ ears.

Imagine you wanted to see your favorite artist, comedian or band and they didn’t show up for his/her concert.  You would be devastated.  I am no rock star but for some people I am their concert.  For that reason, I wake up in the morning.

You may not know it yet, but you are also a musician.  You have a symphony to play and your audience is waiting for you to show up.  It’s not a matter of what if this or what if that. . .

When you see me on my scooter and I honk my scooter horn at you . . . you will know that I am playing my symphony.  Pick up your instrument and start playing. They are counting on you!

To put it simply, “I love what I do. . . do you?”

Want to try his coffee here is a 10% off to Pilot House Coffee when you use code the STAR WINAR  CODE: 1441:

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