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Chris Handsor Denver Dynamite’s Han Solo

January 22, 2010

Chris Handsor

Chris Handsor is a legend in the MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League) for winning the National Championship three times and has been named the 2001 Playoff MVP. In his 300+ career games, Chris has tallied 244 goals and 199 assists. When watching Chris play, it doesn’t take long to understand why his nickname is Hans Solo. He continues to entertain fans of the Denver Dynamite. Through all of his victories, photo-shoots, and fan emails, he doesn’t get a chance to slow down much. One story he shared with Star Winar was one that forced him to take a time out, and realize the real reason why he is here. Not just because of the game of soccer, but because of the people who watch it. . . Click Here To Read Full Article


Beginnings and Ends

December 26, 2009

As this year comes to an end, Star Winar Magazine reflects on the stories we’ve shared of men and women who chased their dreams, created something, and inspired us. Taking the initiative to establish a new “beginning” is the most daunting part of a new story, especially when you’re the one writing it. However, the most important part of any story is the end.  It’s the last chapter, when the reader has connected with the characters and you don’t want the story to end.  You want it to go on forever. Before this new year take a moment to reflect on your life.  Take a mental picture of those people who inspired you.

There’s one individual who has impacted more lives than she even realizes.  You won’t find her in an encyclopedia; she wasn’t a professional athlete, and she never shook the hand of the President of the United States.  She was an ordinary girl who did extraordinary things.

Her name was Janet Bauernschmitt.  Click To Continue to Full Story

Scott McCulloch the Texas STARS Canadian Cowboy

December 2, 2009

Photo by: Portraits by Deena

We walked into Mozart’s Cafe to meet Scott McCulloch.  He sat relaxed in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. He was deeply captivated by an Austin Chronicle article in the Arts and Life Section.  As we approached Scott, he stood up, shook our hands firmly, and looked at us in the eyes confidently.  His presence was powerful but not uncomfortable.  We asked him if we could get him something from the bakery but he declined with a smile the size of Canada and said, “I would, but I just buried an apple pie!” If we could give you a brief bio of Scott, we would describe him as the left wing for the Texas STARS hockey team, but when you meet him you realize he is a 23-year-old Canadian Cowboy with a passion for life.  Click Here to Continue Reading Article

Randy Schmidt (Justice is Blind)

November 2, 2009

jordan picture

Some of our deepest and most personal emotions are felt by all of us at some point during our lives.  I am sure  there has been a time when  you have felt lonely or questioned whether you have made a positive impact on the lives around you.   You probably have wondered if what you are doing with your life is purposeful and meaningful.  STAR WINAR is a symbol of our deepest and most personal emotions, while our mission statement is simple; “Dream, Create, Inspire,” is powerful.  When you apply these three terms to your life the results make for a different story in each of our lives.  We all start with the same words but the results create a unique story for everyone.  Randy Schmidt is a man who inspires.  It’s hard to explain his inspiration, but easy to experience it when you read the chapters of his story.  Randy’s story is one we all can relate with.  This story is about a man who suffers from blindness, but still sees opportunity to inspire the ones around him.Click Here To Read Full Article

Ryan Lang – World Champion

September 18, 2009




60 Match Win Streak

60 Match Win Streak



Star Winar had the privilege to see Ryan Lang, a MMA fighter, in action at one of his fights. Afterward we heard a crowd member say Ryan could probably write a book after his fighting careerIntrigued, and not wanting to judge a book by its coverwe got an interview with Ryan to find out why the fan said this. After sitting down together with Ryan, we found out his ACT score was one point shy of perfect and quickly learned that he could write a novel or math book depending on how he felt that day. Ryan Lang has so many awards we had to leave many of them out (complete list at bottom of article). As a 4x High School State Champion and also National Champion, he was the #1 recruit out of high school and took a full scholarship to Northwestern University in Chicago where he was an All-American and All-Academic American. While in College he won over 150 college amateur wrestling matches, was the Big 10 Champion and during that time he had a 60 match winning streak.

He qualified for the Olympic trials but moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to chase his MMA dream. You’ll see him fighting on HDnet (owned by Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks), also in the Abu Dhabi World Championships, Chicago Fight with Lionheart, and his sponsors will be sending him to Japan, Puerto Rico, Holland and Germany. Read Full Article Here. . . 








Robby Jones

August 29, 2009

Robby Jones

Robby Jones

One day Steven was driving in downtown Austin when he saw a guy on a scooter listening to some music with about 12 bags of coffee in a basket.  Steven rolled down his window to ask this guy what he was up to and the guy replied, “Delivering coffee to my customers.” His name is  Robby Jones, owns Pilot House Coffee, and he drives a scooter not a car.  He dropped out of the Naval Academy because he had a bigger dream in mind.  He makes a living selling his own freshly-brewed coffee.  The namesake for his coffee company refers to a part of ship, because one night during a storm that nearly ship wrecked him and his crew, his life changed forever while sitting in the pilot house.  He lives life with a smile on his face because every day he wakes up knowing that he is  turning his dream into reality.Continue to full STARWINAR story

Mike Burkons

March 16, 2009

70001BFG0424Mike Burkons lives his life outside of the box. He attended Connecticut College and went on to receive a law degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. While at Connecticut College he discovered a business idea from two Catholic nuns who were offering a Hole-in-One contest at a local golf course. He knew their idea was repeatable, so he invented a new way to sell their product and never be at the course. After four months of development and planning, Mike’s innovative Hole-in-One technology product launches to customer’s this week.
In Mike’s Words: The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is as exciting and unpredictable as the NCAA March Madness tournament. While there are many ways to play the game, my experience has led me to discover a few principles that hold true in the world of entrepreneurship. As I launch my second start-up, I would like to share with you five maxims that have helped guide me in my entrepreneurial journey: Continue to full STARWINAR story of Mike Burkons 5 Maxims